A cloud built
just for your needs

You provide software solutions for healthcare customers. Logicalis provides a cloud solution built for companies like yours—focusing on security, reliability and compliance. By understanding your business objectives and the healthcare sphere, we tailor solutions that are above and beyond the cookie-cutter cloud offerings available today.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to your SaaS offering?

Benefits of the Logicalis difference

Can you improve your current SaaS solution?

If you’re currently offering your healthcare IT software solution via the cloud, we challenge you to chat with us and see how we can help you make it better and more profitable for your business. Whether you’re spending more time managing your cloud than innovating your solution, or you’re not sure your customers are getting the absolute best experience, we’ve got the know-how to help you tune up your SaaS offerings, deliver new services and gain insights into your applications’ performance.

Experience and

Gain the benefit of 20+ years of experience

Logicalis has the people and procedures in place to hit the ground running. With over two decades behind us in the technology services field, a team of experts trained in healthcare environments, a global footprint and industry-leading expertise, we are uncommonly prepared to offer you solutions.

We can tailor the exact services you need, as our team of engineers complements your team’s skill set. And our finger is on the pulse of your infrastructure, 24 x 7 x 365, with adherence to proven ITIL processes. You can trust in us to take care of your cloud offering, while you take care of business.

The challenge in providing a cloud solution is you really have to pick a vendor that has the staying power to be long term. We believe we bring that to the table in the way we interact with [our] customers, and [with Logicalis], we believe that they have long-term relationships with their customers.”
Jim Prekop, TeraMedica

Availability and

You need your service up and running, at peak performance, always

Not only do you need to assure your solution is available 24 x 7 x 365 with no interruptions, but you also need to assure it’s running at peak performance, delivering the best possible end-user experience.

Logicalis gives you around-the-clock managed services and user experience monitoring, with an ITIL V3 management infrastructure. You’ll appreciate our more robust system availability and options for enhanced disaster recovery—but your customers will notice nothing other than the fact that your software always works, just like it should.

You’ll also experience a shorter time to deliver projects. In fact, one of our clients, API Healthcare, reduced their implementation time by half.

We wanted to worry less about the data center and more about ROI for our customers—so Logicalis was an obvious choice for us.
Mike Ostrander, Health Care DataWorks

User experience

Ensure a best-in-class user experience, each and every time

For technology service providers like you, little is more important than the user experience. A smooth, seamless software offering can be the difference between a prospect selecting your solution or a competitive one.

So how do you make sure your users’ experiences are always up to par? Logicalis offers an innovative and attractive option, through our built-for-business Logicalis Enterprise Cloud (LEC).

Along with high availability, robust capabilities, flexible solutions and 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and support, Logicalis can also add user experience monitoring services that will increase your revenue opportunity. We perform specific and automated tests on your technology solutions to evaluate key performance indicators across various environments and systems. Logicalis monitoring experts use the results to identify any problematic or low-performance areas. Then, we work with you to resolve issues before your customers experience any problems.

Your customers will never notice. But you’ll know you’re receiving the benefit of a veteran team that’s always on hand to fix issues proactively and quickly resolve problems.

Logicalis is right there with us to provide whatever the next generation is going to be.
Mike Ostrander, Health Care DataWorks


You need a cloud provider that’s ready to help you meet compliance goals

As a member of the healthcare industry, you are subject to a number of specific standards such as HIPAA. With the sensitive nature of your data, security and compliance are top-of-mind concerns—and because of that, they’re top of mind for Logicalis, too.

To provide you with the IT environment you need, all of our cloud services are SSAE 16-certified, with preset cloud zones enabled for specific industry and government regulations. We also have three-factor authentication for any Logicalis resource accessing your environment. In fact, we record every login session of a Logicalis resource accessing your data, down to individual cursor movements, to provide high levels of accountability and security.

Our cloud services are specifically engineered to allow customers to address compliance with HIPAA safeguard requirements, and we have years of experience in helping companies like yours meet compliance goals. You will benefit from a secure, encrypted VPN link between our Operation Center and a VPN device at your site. At our Operation Center, through standard security policies and firewall configuration, we’ll ensure you are the only one who can see your network.

Rather than teach some other vendor how to handle [security and HIPAA/HITECH compliance], we wanted someone that’s already been there, that’s already done that.
Mike Ostrander, Health Care DataWorks

Ongoing support and

You need service and support that will deliver seamless performance and reliability to your users

Support from Logicalis doesn’t end after implementation time: even after customers are using your product, we’ll work with you to make sure it performs optimally.

From strategy and troubleshooting to ongoing maintenance, you can turn to Logicalis to help make sure your solution is optimally configured for your needs and your users’.

You can take advantage of best-in-class infrastructure monitoring and support to make sure your users are getting optimal results from your product, and that your SaaS environment exceeds standards for healthcare. Plus, our service lifecycle will ensure your infrastructure is best-suited for your business and is employing the best practices for success, today and in the future.

Logicalis brings Health Care DataWorks the ability to focus on our specialties and core competencies.
Mike Ostrander, Health Care DataWorks

Trust and stability

You—and your customers—need a trustworthy cloud provider

For healthcare, the cloud delivery model offers huge opportunities. And many of those opportunities start with selecting the right cloud provider. Whether you use our services to host your software in our Logicalis Enterprise Cloud (LEC), have your own infrastructure, or establish a managed appliance model, we offer you experience, stability and a proven track record so you can confidently deliver the level of service your customers expect.

Assure a positive customer experience with our application monitoring and management. Grow your services revenue and provide end-user support with our service desk solution, and with additional services in our scalable environment.

Not to mention—we’ve done this before. With more than a decade in IT service experience, we know what it takes to make the SaaS model work. Our processes are proven with clients such as Health Care DataWorks and API Healthcare, both of which offer transformative applications for healthcare environments.

Your partnership with us is taken seriously, with a commitment to our mutual success. Others provide “Service Level Objectives” and “Target Response Times;” we provide Service Level Agreements with Target Resolution Times that include penalties for missing our commitments.

Trust in Logicalis to help you serve your customers with a best-in-class cloud solution.

We felt secure that [our] data would be protected and service levels would be maintained for our customers.
Jim Prekop, TeraMedica

What’s your challenge?

Improve your customer experience—and your own

Every cloud is not created equal. Your software offering is the heart of your business—and because of that, it needs to run in an environment designed specifically for healthcare ISVs.

At Logicalis, our SaaS hosting solution was designed from the ground up for healthcare ISVs. It allows you to reach the healthcare market faster, more cost-effectively and with an unmatched user experience.

Contact us today to learn more. We’re offering a one-on-one conversation with one of our HIT experts to see what your challenges are and how we can help you.

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