Achieve Faster Time-to-Value with the power of Cisco

Logicalis’ long-standing expertise in the IT service industry, together with Cisco’s industry-leading technology brings you the most reliable and scalable cloud and managed services. When you partner with Logicalis and Cisco, you accelerate your business with cutting-edge technology that delivers the highest level of performance.

Logicalis is one of Cisco’s top 10 partners in the world, with more than 20 locations in the US and presence in 20 countries. Logicalis maintains a Cisco Gold Certified partnership in each region, and is a certified Cisco Cloud Builder.

Gain the benefits of partnership with Cisco and Logicalis:

  • Trust in Logicalis, a certified Master Cloud Builder, to deploy or scale cloud-ready, integrated infrastructures based on Cisco solutions.
  • Deliver a business-class cloud experience with a converged framework, which combines three major elements—the Unified Data Center, Cloud Intelligent Network, and cloud applications—to assure seamless service.
  • Make cloud delivery much more visible, optimized, secure, available, and scalable with a Cisco Powered Cloud from Logicalis.

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